The Otter Inn.

Corby Hill has once again a focal point for the village community with the opening of The Otter Inn. Formerly the Haywain, the pub stood empty for a number of years but has been revitalised thanks to the vision of new owners Shaun and Hazel Larkin.

To attract a wider clientele, they needed to develop a more contemporary style to its signage and branding. To help them achieve this, SLJ Media was commissioned to design and oversee the branding project and find ways to incorporate the image of one of the UK’s favourite aquatic mammals across a wide range of applications. The Otter Inn joins a growing network of entrepreneurial free houses that are breathing new life into the traditional village pub.

The Otter Inn - Branding
The Otter Inn - Colour Palette
The Otter Inn - Card
The Otter Inn - Otter Illustration
The Otter Inn - Menu
The Otter Inn - Exterior Signage